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The Perfect Landing Page


  • Ensure the primary headline of your landing page matches the ad visitors clicked to get there – and make it interesting and eye-catching. In fact, make sure all the keywords in your copy match that of the ad that brought the visitor there.
  • Use a sub heading for more information about the value proposition.
  • A landing page should have a single purpose and thus a single focused message.
  • Use engaging copy, “hypnotic” words. “Imagine”, “You”, and “Because” are the top 3 power words to use. And “subscribe” is much better than “sign up” or “join now”.
  • Make it about the visitor
  • Show your product/service being used in context, otherwise use relevant, quality images.
  • Use video. It’s been shown to improve conversion by up to 80%.
  • Edit to remove unnecessary content. Be succinct.
  • Use trust signals – testimonials, social proof via indicators of your social status, partner logos (clients and trade partners)
  • Test new ideas using A/B testing. Let your customers decide which message works best for them.
  • Have an awesome offer – a free trial, a free product, etc.
  • Provide a guarantee to reduce/remove risk.
  • Check the spelling and grammar, get others to check it, then check it again
  • Simplify your copy using bullets.
  • If you are selling a book, or giving away an eBook via lead gen, provide a preview to increase trust show that you are proud of your product.
  • Segment by traffic source. Send your PPC, email, social media, organic and banner traffic to separate landing pages for better message match and measurability (which channel performs best)
  • Segment by user type: don’t send offers about men’s health products to the ladies on your email list.
  • Show your phone number so people know you are real and can interact with you on a personal level.
  • Ensure outbound links from your landing page are few and lead the customer down the sales funnel to a conversion.
  • If there’s a form, only ask for information you need. Asking  for phone numbers, DOB, and other personal information drop response rates by 50%!
  • Have clickable share buttons. Many people are happy to share your offer before they even sign up themselves.
  • Follow up with a thank-you page, with links to key areas of your site.
  • Make sure the page loads FAST.
  • Ensure conversion tracking software is being used.


  • Make your call to action (CTA) big and position it above the fold.
  • Use directional cues to direct attention to your CTA (explicit: arrows or photos/videos of people looking or pointing at your button, or suggestive: using whitespace / colour / contrast).
  • Make that “action” button irresistible to the browser.
  • For lead gen forms where the CTA is below the fold (e.g. due to a long form) – make the directional cue point down the page to the button.
  • Congruence: every element of your page should be aligned conceptually with the topic and goal of the page.
  • Your design must be flawless. Every element should be beautifully designed.
  • Ensure the page is responsive and looks great on all devices.
  • Use the psychology of colour.

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