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Non-Profit work in Thailand

Every child deserves a chance at life. Some children have been born into underprivileged families, abandoned at birth, abused, lost their parents, living in foster care, or been subject to some other circumstance unfathomable to most. These kids didn’t choose their path, it was chosen for them. They too deserve food on the table, a roof over their head, an education, and love and support.

Eat Your Veggies is committed to helping kids in difficult circumstances and providing them with the opportunities they both need and deserve.

This article highlights some of the incredible work Adam Fox has done over the last 12 months, and the lives that he has touched, forever.


This is Waniso, Edina and their sister visiting their mother in hospital. Their mother got cancer and had to go to Bangkok for treatment and Adam has been looking after them. They have no other family and are in need of support in the way of housing and continuing their education. Adam liaises with the mother in Bangkok to ensure she gets the best care possible. Soon, he will work out a plan for when treatment ends; whether to go back to Myanmar where the cost of living is lower or return to Mae Sot and be with her children, under my financial support. She was the bread winner in her home and given her inability to work, she will need aid when her treatment comes to an end.

This family is just one example of so many that are in desperate of help for survival.


Dental care and Medical care is often over-looked. Is the last thing people think of when they hit rock bottom as it is so expensive and not always classified as ‘essential’. Most of these kids need root canals and tooth extractions, which is quite common in third world countries were they don’t always have access to proper nutrition, hygiene, and basic necessities.

When working with kids, the first thing we do is ensure a Medical and Dental check-ups are conducted, to ensure their basic needs for survival are met.


Providing recreational outlets for kids in Mae Sot is difficult because there is limited suitable activities for them and they have no money to pay for anything out-of-the-ordinary. We keep the kids happy, entertained and active by resorting to the natural environment (parks, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, bushwalking, climbing, swimming).


We work on getting those kids that have dropped out of school to re-enroll, and those that have never been to school to commence. We monitor their attendance to ensure that they’re not only attending, but making the most out of school life. We provide tutoring and support to ensure school success. Transportation is provided to students where necessary, and we cover all fees associated with schooling, books/stationary and uniforms.


In addition to education, life skills are critical to the ongoing success and survival of our kids. We teach the necessities such as cooking, emotional intelligence, personal hygiene, social etiquette etc.


We create regular community events for birthdays, special occasion and national/global holidays. These events not only connect people and families in the community, but also create ceremony around special occasions. These kids have very little ceremony in their lives and ceremony creates happy memories that they carry with them.

We take photos and create ‘memory walls’ to celebrate these special moments


We continuously engage with kids that continually return to the street and get involved in drugs and petty crimes. Often the police are involved, and situations become dire. With our support, we get them off of the street, back to safe housing and provide them with the tools they need to stay safe and stay out of trouble.


Sadly, so many kids and their families aren’t privy to personal identification and documentation. We work on identifying those in need and providing the relevant documentation, a bare minimum requirement to be a citizen in any country. This enables health care, rights and education. Identification is the starting point to being able to operate in an advanced civilisation. In the picture above, we travelled back to the birth place of this man to meet with the local head of the village to get his birth certificate. Nothing is computerised in Myanmar, everything is stored in local filing cabinets by the head of each village.

At the same time, we repatriate kids back to their families. This is one of the most fulfilling activities that we partake in and something that brings everyone involved so much joy and happiness.

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