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My School Connect – CASE STUDY

My School Connect aims to make life easier for parents and school staff by taking everyday duties such as ordering lunches from the tuckshop, purchasing school uniforms and fundraising, online. The system is easy to use and intuitive, alleviating stress on school staff, cash handling and processing hand-written orders, and facilitating the order process for parents from the comfort of their own home.

The early days..

Eat Your Veggies has been instrumental in the launch and ongoing growth and development of this business from day 1. From registration of the domain, designing the logo, securing trademarks to building the website, mobile app and point of sale system.

Establishing the business

In addition to setting up the business and building the systems and processes, Eat Your Veggies has devised a full suite of marketing services, ranging from PR, Social Media, Website development and maintenance, Email marketing and Automation, and tradeshows and events.

We helped build the sales team and developed sales and business processes to support all key stakeholders. In addition, working closely on tender applications and sourcing strategic partnerships.

After five years, Eat Your Veggies has become an integral component of the My School Connect business model, operating as a ‘remote team’ alongside the business team.

The POS development was an industry first, acting as a key point of differentiation.

Tuckshop Revolution

Tuckshop Revolution is one key example of PR that we facilitated. It was a method to build trust around the My School Connect brand and have a real impact on the health of kids in schools by making their canteen menus more healthy. The Tuckshop Revolution is a grassroots movement with a mission to modernise and improve Australian tuckshops. We strive to support healthy eating and healthy lifestyles for school students. That means providing healthy and tasty menu options, and accessible nutritional information and advice.

My School Connect FREE

As COVID-19 hard-hit schools nationally, our recommendation was to pivot the business to a free model. In the process, we focused on building a database of parents which we would later leverage by supplying goods and services to the parent community. Business focus was no longer on the Tuckshop, Uniform store, events etc, but rather on supporting the parent community and providing them access to additional tools and resources that they could use to survive a challenging period.

OZEvent – extension of My School Event

After the successful launch of our events module – My School Event, we opted to break it out into its own website and establish an independent business that would become OZEvent. We leveraged the same code base, but marketed it as a separate business with a different target market. The primary focus was no longer specific to the school sector, but the broader events category in Australia, allowing us to broaden our market reach.

The support team

My School Connect required the dedicated resources of 5 key team members. They support in all aspects of coding, server administration, marketing, design and project management.

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