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Tips on Hosting Marketing Webinars / Events

Web conferencing or webinars are extremely popular nowadays. They are relatively easier to organize compared to traditional seminars and they are also less expensive to host. Sometimes, you don’t even have to pay for “venue” of the webinar since there are several online channels that provide free use. I want to share here my learnings on how to effectively host marketing webinars and events.


Planning Your Webinar

The first step to hosting a webinar is to plan for it. A few of the things you will need include:

  • a landing page (opt-in page) where participants can register or a link to the event page if you’re doing it using a third party
  • an invitation, if it’s an “Invite Only” event
  • a Thank You page accompanied by a Thank You email


Marketing Your Event

There are many ways you can market your event. Aside from posting paid advertisements, you can try these simple and free ways to do so.

1. Start a LinkedIn page where you can acquire subscribers who are possibly interested to attend your webinar. You can also create events directly on LinkedIn.

2. Create an account on Google+. Build your audience using Google Circles. Share about your upcoming webinar to the right people at the right time on Google Circles.

3. Use the Facebook Page of your business to announce the upcoming webinar. You can also post the link there that will direct your followers to a page where they can sign up for the said webinar. You can also create a Facebook event to know who are attending or not.


Tips in Setting the Webinar

1. Pick the date of your webinar. From experience, Tuesdays to Thurdays are the best days to hold webinars.

2. Pick the time of the webinar. Hours after school or work are the best (usually, after 4PM) because more people have time to attend extra-curricular activities during that time.

3. Set your registration and attendee goals. Based from practice, the average attendee rate is 30%.

4. Prepare a trinket or souvenir that you can give for free to all attendees. In traditional seminars, this is called a door gift. For webinars, it doesn’t have to be a physical gift, it can be an online discount voucher or the like.

5. Start advertising about the webinar at least two weeks before the actual date.

6. Update your website with information about your upcoming webinar.

7. A week before the webinar, update the slider on your website.

8. You should also update your Facebook page with information about the webinar. Update the cover photo with a banner telling about the said event.

9. Market via Facebook ads and Google ads.

10. Make Twitter updates about the upcoming webinar, about three times per day starting three days before the event.

11. Create a blog entry about the event. Put necessary details that can gain the interest of your potential clients.

12. Invite high-level bloggers to host the event with you. Having high-level bloggers in your network can enhance marketing of the said webinar.

13. Weeks before the event, send an invite via email. As much as possible, put a Facebook Share button on the invite so that sharing it on social media is just a click away.

14. Send a second email invite. Emphasize that there are only a “x” spots left. Remind the recipients why it is beneficial to attend the webinar.

15. Send a third and a fourth email invite. Send the third email a day before the event as a reminder. Send the fourth email on the day of the event as a final reminder that they attend the webinar.

16. Send a fifth email, a last-minute email, invite to non-subscribers. Some people love opting in at the last minute and are likely to attend.

17. An important note in sending emails, send them mid-week, between Tuesday and Thursday. Sending on the others days usually gets the email unnoticed and gets lost in a bunch of other emails in their inboxes.

18. Encourage your attendees to send Tweets during the event.


What to Do After the Event?

1. Have the webinar transcribed.

2. Post a video of the transcription on YouTube and then post a link on your blog.

3. Send the link to the video to those who didn’t attend the event.

4. Send Thank You email to the attendees along with the gift as promised in the promotion.


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