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Little Ones – CASE STUDY

In 2014, we worked with a client on an idea for sourcing babysitter services. This was to be an alternative to the traditional bricks and mortar agency model or even the traditional online model – which is essentially the same agency model just executed online, without any innovation or uniqueness. The client felt there was an opportunity to be leveraged.

We collaborated with the client on market research, developing on a suitable a business name, logo etc. and deciding that it should target qualified care givers only and provide those qualified care givers to the parent market. In our market research, as ascertained that trust was the biggest hurdle to overcome with parents. A key requirement for care givers using the platform is to be qualified – this overcomes the trust issue whilst also targeting that niche. By comparison, babysitting agencies will take anyone so long as they have the skills and experience. This is how we created market differentiation to our competitors.

After fleshing out the frameworks in which to build the business on with the client, we developed a team to work on creating the business.

Some of the projects highlights:

  • Complete integration with the DVS Australian government system, enabling document verification service to be able to verify passports, driver’s licenses and Medicare cards.
  • Integration with each state and territory working with children check API to validate working with children checks.
  • We managed PR and got the breakfast show:

The business is still going through it’s final stages of development, anticipating an official launch at the end of 2020.

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